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About Nick Brainard

    I'm Nick Brainard. For me, photography is not just hobby, it's a passion, it's a stress relief, it's a "getaway". I learned all of this in 2003 when I got my hands on my first point and shoot cannon power shoot camera. Since then I have upgraded equipment but still have the same interest and eye for composition.

    I grew up in Hastings, MN and graduated from Hastings High School in 2003. After high school, I attended Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN taking a course for Electrical Design and Management. Soon after starting college, I moved to south Minneapolis and quickly fell in love with the beautiful city of Minneapolis. After graduating college, I thankfully got a job at a large Electrical Engineering firm in Downtown Minneapolis and work there full time. Through this job opportunity, I now have a profound appreciation for this city I love.

    Since moving to Minneapolis, a large part of my portfolio is of the city I know and love. But I also take frequent trips to Red Wing MN, to see my parents, and to Hastings MN, to see my friends. I also take business and pleasure trips here and there so I do have a diverse range of images.

    To me, heaven is a pair of headphones, stunning scenery and a wide open aperture.
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